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Arctic Fishing With Arctic Adventures

Northern fish

Arctic Adventures operates two Arctic char and trout fishing camps in Nunavik, Quebec’s Arctic region. The Payne River Fishing Camp is strategically located near very productive waters where sleek, silvery Arctic char feed on shrimp, krill and capelin during the brief arctic summer. The Tunulik II Fishing Camp is located on the Lagrevé River where Sea Run Brook Trout migrate in mid-August and Arctic char later in the season. The river also holds two to six pound Native Brook trout which are protected by our camp’s own “live release” conservation policy.

A visit to one of Arctic Adventures fishing camps is more than a guided fishing trip. It is a totally overwhelming experience; it is an opportunity to spend time in the land beyond the tree line where summer days are long and nights are short.

You will live among the Inuit in the land where nomadic caribou stop to look you over curiously; where Canada geese go to raise their young. On the waters of the Payne fjord, you will often see seals and possibly site a white Beluga whale while fishing for Arctic char. Those who have fished with Arctic Adventures return home with many exciting stories about the strong Arctic char they caught. They also come home with lasting memories of their Inuit hosts, the Arctic scenery and the wildlife they encountered during their visit with us.

Fishing Packages

Arctic Adventures’ fishing all inclusive package rates are complete with no hidden costs. The arrival and departure dates published for each Arctic char fishing camps remain the same from one year to the next and we are ready to book your fly fishing trip a year or two in advance!

Click to view our fishing packages for Payne River Camp and or Tunulik II Camp.

With 45 years of experience behind us, Arctic Adventures looks after every detail to ensure you have a safe and worry free adventure in the land of the Inuit. From the moment you book your fishing trip, you will be served by our friendly dedicated, professional staff who are committed to your satisfaction. Whether you wish to travel alone or with a group of companions, Arctic Adventures welcomes your call!

Pro Advice on Fly Fishing for Arctic char in Payne River

“I recently experienced World-Class fly-fishing for Arctic char at Arctic Adventures’ Payne River Fishing Camp in the Ungava Bay region where it was possible to catch 20 to 30 char a day with a fly rod. And I’m not talking about small fish. The average fish weighed over five pounds, fish between six and ten pounds were common and the camp record is 18 pounds!…”

Read the full Pro Advice on Fly Fishing article by John Beaven, frequent visitor of Payne River & Tunulik II.